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Write Thinking will get involved! Taking the time to understand your business and what you want allows us to produce copy that delivers what you’re looking for and helps you move forward. 

Great results come from working as a team, you are the expert in your business and we know how to get your message across to your customers, employees, suppliers or investors.

Expect to be involved too. Write Thinking follows a process that has proven to deliver results most quickly for our clients. This involves you as much as us, and depending on what sort of help you need, may include:

* Getting to know you and your business
* Understanding your requirements in detail
* If you require a large amount of copy, planning the best way to deliver this for you
* Consulting with you to collect the background information we require
* Preparing a draft for your review and comment
* Making any agreed changes and sending you an updated draft for final approval

If you prefer working with people who are approachable and dependable, meticulous and keen to help you get what you want from your business, contact us.