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SCS develops, manufactures, distributes and supports MultiFreight, its fully integrated freight forwarding management system. Worldwide, around 3,000 people use MultiFreight products.

SCS had always produced its own brochure in-house, but on realising this was no longer adequate, decided it needed outside help to create a more professional result. Initially SCS approached the company it had used for developing mailing pieces, but it soon became apparent that for this project they could not deliver what SCS wanted. Enquiries led SCS to Write Thinking, and since completing the brochure, Write Thinking and SCS have worked together on several other projects.

“At Write Thinking we found Joy to be friendly, responsive and easy to work with. She is a good listener and able to provide constructive input and guidance. Joy soon demonstrated that not only was she able to quickly assimilate the technical complexities and range of our products, but that she was then able to turn this information into a document of the level and style we had hoped to achieve.

“We typically send out our brochure as the first response to a customer enquiry and follow up with a view to arranging a meeting. We have received many compliments on the layout and content of our new brochure and since introducing it there’s been a noticeable increase in receptiveness to our follow up and a readiness to go further.”

Tom Clayton, Managing Director, SCS Ltd